Simple ways to open blocked pipes

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Hello to all readers of this tutorial. I am Muhammad and I would like to teach you the methods that can get rid of clogged pipes. I hope your problem is solved.

We all know the warning signs about clogging and sewer problems, the way the sink sinks or the water spins and falls from your feet in the bathroom, and the smells, pungent odors are all signs that you may soon be clogged. You will encounter sewage and one day you will see that the waterway is completely closed, so you need to act immediately.
Well! You cleaned the excess hair and the greasy and sticky material on the surface of the sewer, nothing happened. Now you try to act like a plumber, but to no avail, but what happens when the blockage does not open? Or should we say what can we do to open these clogs faster? In the continuation of this part of Namnak, we will suggest 10 solutions with definite effect for opening the sewer pipe in this case.

How to open a sewer pipe
Hassle-free solutions for opening bathroom and dishwasher sewer pipes
Here are ten solutions to try before you resort to the ultimate and expensive way to notify the plumber.

1. Long and curved wire (spring) to open the sewer pipe:
Very simple, but strangely useful, take a metal clothespin to which you hang the suit and smooth the curvature well, then bend one side at the end in the form of a small hook. Send it into the water and think you are fishing, try to get rid of all the hair and grease and dirty masses. Remember to try to pull out the contents of the pipe, not pushing it further and pushing it down. When you have pulled out the contents as much as possible, pour enough hot water into the water, this way you can easily open your pipe. May be.

2. Open the sewer pipe using salt and vinegar:
Make a mixture of one-third cup of salt and one-third cup of vinegar; As a result of the combination of the two, gas is emitted from it. Without wasting time and before the boiling is over, pour the mixture into the sewer. This state of boiling the two compounds will clean the hair, grease and the contents of the tube. Let the water stay the same for about an hour. Stay then wash the tube with warm water and high pressure. You can also pour enough salt into the tube first and then pour the vinegar on it.

3. Dry and wet vacuum cleaner Sewer opening solution:
If you have a dry and wet vacuum cleaner, know that it is a great tool for opening the drain, first set it on the suction of liquids, cover its outlet to prevent dirty work, then seal the pipe well around, you may want a Use an old bag for this purpose By turning on the high-power vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner pulls all the contents that caused the clogging into the bag. This does not always work, but it is worth testing.

4. Open the sewer pipe with boiled water:
This is no easier task, put the kettle on the stove or in the microwave and pour as much water as it can and boil it. Now pour it slowly into the tube in two or three steps. Let some hot water. Run every second and then pour the next series of water. This is always the easiest and fastest solution. If the tube opens before the boiling water runs out, congratulate yourself and make yourself a cup of tea with the rest.
Using salt ink is a great way to open a sewer pipe

5. Open the sewer pipe with salt ink :( Use with great caution)
Wear plastic gloves and eye protection, salt ink can cause sharp and unpleasant burns. You can get it from your local hardware store, but be very careful when transporting it. Pour 3/4 gallon of cold water into the bucket and add 3 cups of salt ink to it. Mix it well with an old wooden spoon. The mixture starts to boil and emits gas and heat. Pour the solution into the sewer and between 20 to 30 Give it a minute. Then rinse the tube with hot water and repeat if necessary.

6. Open the sewer pipe by draining the well:
There are jobs that drain the well, but we can not do that, but there is a simple task, first put an empty bucket under the pipe or a sewer, use a wrench to collect water in the pipe, and Loosen the washers at the two ends of the pipe under the sink. You should try to hold all the components of the pipe by hand. When the clamps are opened, release it and return it to the bucket and pour all the contents of the pipe into the bucket. You may need to rotate the inside of the tube with something and clean up any remaining debris. Do this on both sides of the tube. An old, broken toothbrush is a good tool for this. Rinse the joints with water. And clean and close again. Most of the time this trick will work.

7. Open the sewer pipe through the elbow pipe:
This is a piece of water pipe, at the bottom of which has a special code work. It is basically a flexible metal tube with a spiral shape at the end. The following video shows you what to do.

8. Salt and baking soda home method of opening the sewer pipe:
Combine 1/2 cup of table salt with 1/2 cup of baking soda and pour it into the clogged drain. Allow to stand for ten to twenty minutes, then pour boiling water over it, hot water and salt and baking soda will form a chemical compound. Which dissolves a large part of the masses and fats in the sewage.

How to make a non-chemical pipe opener
9. Open the sewer pipe with dishwashing detergent:
If your toilet water is blocked, pour 1/4 cup of dishwashing liquid into a bowl, then boil it with some water. The detergent acts like a lubricant and cleans the residue in the sewer, then pour enough hot water into the waterway. If the pipe still does not open, it is time to wear plastic gloves.

10. Open the sewer pipe with baking soda and vinegar:
If you take a bath tube, mix some baking soda and vinegar and pour it in two steps and then give it time, wait about 45 to 60 minutes, now fill the tub with hot water. Now remove the lid of the tub at once and with Direct the pressure of 45 to 60 gallons of water into the waterway. The pressure from the water and the impact of the materials you have already poured into the pipes will help open the waterway.

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